Summer at the sea with Usharik

In 2011, the summer rehabilitation session was held in two shifts: the first from 10 June to 23 June, the second from 24 June to 5 July.

So the third annual summer rehabilitation session was completed. All the participants, specialists and organizers returned to their cities. The time passed by unnoticed. Two weeks on the sea, filled not only with rest, but also with rehabilitation - this is so little and at the same time so much for us and our children. So many new acquaintances, so much information, so many emotions, so much energy for new victories and new achievements!

Summer rehabilitation in 2011
Two weeks at sea

In 2011, the summer rehabilitation session was held in two shifts: the first fr om 10 June to 23 June, the second from 24 June to 5 July. The most active families did not want to part with us on 23 June, they extended their tours and went with us to the beach, were engaged, had fun, shared experience with the newcomers, rehabilitated and rested with us two shifts.

More than 300 people from all over Russia

Here are some figures of the summer rehabilitation "Away from the sea with the whole family!":

  • 2 shifts
  • 300 people
  • 100 implanted children
  • 30 regions of the Russian Federation
  • 20 specialists: ENT doctors, audiologists, speech therapists, speech therapists from 7 regions of the Russian Federation
  • 60 children from different regions of the Russian Federation went to the camp and were rehabilitated for free, with the help of a grant won by the Child Protection Fund.
  • 9 hectares of green territory, gazebos, playgrounds, oxygen cocktails, sun baths, sea bathing, warm sand and salt sea - all this gave no less health-improving effect than training with specialists.

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Comfortable and useful rest

We have taken into account all the wishes of the parents to make the summer holidays for parents and children as comfortable and productive as possible:

  • We did a great job in choosing a children's camp that would fit all our wishes: fenced and guarded territory for children, five meals a day, comfortable 2, 3, 5-bed accommodation for families, the first line of the sea, own beach;
  • We organized a school of parents, took teenagers, we were next to parents 24 hours a day;
  • we have done a lot, but there is still a lot to do. The program "I hear the world!" Is developing new standards of rehabilitation in dialogue with parents, children, the administration of the city of Anapa, the Krasnodar Territory and the State Duma;
  • We support communication at different levels, pursuing only one goal - to help our children hear the world and speak. In our rehabilitation activities, not only implanted children, but also children with a high degree of deafness take part.

This year, the summer rehabilitation of children has changed, has reached a whole new level. Rehabilitation was opened by Lyudmila Mikhaylovna, Deputy Head of the Anapa City Council in Anapa, and Natalia Karpovich, a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Issues. As part of the rehabilitation, a round table was held, wh ere all parents could ask questions and get competent answers from Natalia Nikolaevna.


Team of specialists

The staff of the rehabilitation team is interesting. This year specialists from different regions of the Russian Federation worked with us - they are active people who are interested in their specialty, professionals in their field. In our team there are a lot of young specialists working in the Federal Clinics and Regional Centers for Hearing Rehabilitation, the composition of the most experienced specialists of the Russian Federation in the field of cochlear implantation, who work with us every year, is the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Russian State Pedagogical University. A.I. Herzen, leading research associate of St. Petersburg Research Institute of ENT Queen Inna Vasilievna, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Head of the Program of Cochlear Implantation of St. Petersburg Research Institute of ENT Pudov Victor Ivanovich, Chief Methodologist of the rehabilitation program after cochlear implantation Olga Zontova.

All this time, an amazingly friendly and active pedagogical squad of leaders from Orsk, Orenburg region, worked with us. The guys spent for us exercises, competitions, discos, participated in our concerts, worked actively with both kids and older children.


Useful Entertainment
Report concerts

Reporting concerts deserve special attention. This year there were two of them - one for each shift. It was pleasant to actively participate in the concert not only of children with hearing disorders, their brothers and sisters, but also parents and specialists.

The concert is a great positive stimulus for the child's development, motivation for him and for parents to work harder to speak better, and maybe even sing! All the participants of the speeches meet warmly, there are no successful and unsuccessful speeches, we support the initiative. The most interesting, bold numbers were awarded with a special prize "Golden Note". All participants received certificates and memorable prizes.

Important in this event is not only the concert itself, but also the preparation for it. Numbers that unite parents and children from different regions, encourage them to communicate, the emotional outlet that parents allow themselves to do, has a positive impact on them and, most importantly, on children. Each of us knows what it's like to have a special child, how to face a one-on-one problem, to look for ways out of situations, to stumble upon a misunderstanding and unwillingness to understand, to punch this blank wall alone. For people who have fallen into this life situation, it is very difficult to be liberated, break out of the shackles of life conventions and not think about anything.


This is exactly what parents and children managed to do in our rehabilitation. They felt not special, they felt ordinary, just like everyone else: parents - important and necessary people who can help their child, children - carefree and cheerful, beloved.

Within the framework of the summer rehabilitation "A visit to the sea by the whole family!", There were daily themed animation events, evening children's discos. A big holiday with a cake and balloons was held on Usharik's Birthday. An exhibition of children's art was organized, the best of the works we will present on our website. Our great pride was music lessons. Ovchinnikova Lyubov Ivanovna led a group called "Sunny" for our children, on which the children learned songs, and then performed with them at the concert.


Usharik invites you!

On behalf of the entire organizational and pedagogical staff, we express our deep gratitude to active parents who have made our rehabilitation rich and interesting!

All parents who participated in sports, lit in discos of the 80's and 90's, put numbers in reporting concerts, rehearsed at night, made wall newspapers, organized mezhdusoboychiki, did not miss a single charge, all parents who love their children so much , that he came to his vacation for rehabilitation across the country to the Black Sea. Thank you for your inexhaustible optimism, for your faith and aspiration, for your perseverance! Thank you for your children, so kind, sympathetic and cheerful!

We will be happy to meet you at the seaside next year!


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