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Remote setup of the speech processor is the newest method of tuning the speech processors of cochlear implants at a distance using the Internet.
In Russia, currently, speech processor tuning is carried out mainly in leading clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which causes great difficulties for patients from remote regions. In these conditions, the issue of organizing remote configuration via the Internet is especially acute.

We have created a system for remote adjustment of patients with cochlear implants, which allowed to bring the adjustment closer to the place of residence, substantially reducing the time and material costs for the patient and the health system as a whole.

The remote setup process looks something like this:

Filling out the application on the site
Parents of the implanted child fill out the application for remote adjustment on this page, determined with the date of the adjustment session, time and specialist.
Reception at the nearest center "I hear the world!"
At an agreed time, parents with a child come to the nearest center "I hear the world!". The specialist of the center connects the speech processor of the cochlear implant to the tuning equipment.
Connection to the leading specialist via the Internet
Specialist of SPb Research Institute of ENT or other competent center of cochlear implantation, using the Internet, "intercepts" the management of the settings of the speech processor.
Remote CI setup via the Internet
A specialist at the St. Petersburg Research Institute of ENT or other competent cochlear implant center adjusts all parameters himself, seeing the patient through a web camera and communicating with him using a microphone.
Remote adjustment of the speech processor

Remote adjustment of the speech processor has been successfully used by specialists from St. Petersburg Research Institute of ENT since 2009. Since then, success has passed more than one series of remote settings that have organized rehabilitation centers for their patients. Today every user of a cochlear implant has a unique opportunity to order the adjustment of the speech processor in his region. It does not matter in which city you live: in Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk or Kazan - in any center "I hear the world!" The competent experts will adjust the speech processor of your cochlear implant with the help of modern telemedicine in online mode.

Parents with a child in the remote setting center
Contact with a specialist from the lead center
Adjusting the parameters of the speech processor