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Useful magazine for children and their parents
It is issued by the parent association "I hear the world!" since 2015.

A bright and fascinating magazine "Usharik" - is issued by the parent association "I hear the world!" Since 2015 and is very popular with readers. The audience of the magazine is children with various hearing impairments, their parents, as well as specialists in the field of cochlear implantation and auditory rehabilitation of patients.

The magazine traditionally consists of two parts: adult and child. The pages for parents provide important information in an accessible form: interviews with specialists, stories about all sorts of news and events in the world of CI, aluable recommendations, etc. And a part for children is always funny and interesting stories, the main character of which is restless and fervent lion cub Usharik; as well as funny comics and creative assignments.

The first seven issues of the Usharik magazine are already available in electronic form

Your feedback

Marina (Ufa)
Thank you! The child re-reads the magazines with great pleasure!
Larisa (Crimea)
All 4 issues of the magazine received. Thank you so much!!! Very interesting, useful and colorful magazine for both adults and children. THANKS to the creators !!!
Tatyana (Murmansk)
The fourth number received! Thank you! My daughter especially liked how Usharik does "gymnastics for the tongue" (speech therapy exercises).
Katyusha (Krasnoyarsk)
We got the third number! Thank you for such an interesting and useful magazine.
Nataliya (Kaliningrad)
Thank you so much. The child was very happy. She even took it to the kindergarten, to show everyone. Educators say that all the children viewed the magazine with great interest (we are attending a mass kindergarten).
Nataliya (Kazan)
THANKS FOR THE NUMBER 2!!!!!! Have read it in a gulp!
Evgeniya (Volgograd)
We received the magazine, my daughter asks to read it everyday, with the help of my leading questions she retells by pictures the story about Usharik's birthday. In general, everyone is happy! We will wait for the third number with impatience !!!
Olga (Moscow)
Hello! Thank you for the release of such a wonderful magazine! My son is 4 years old and he is happy to perform tasks in the magazine.
Elena (Ekaterinburg)
Thank you. We needed an article about how Usharik GOES through the scope of the metal detector. My son (he is 3 years old) does not believe in my word and runs in stores, across frames, for several times. He believes Usharik and listens to his advice !!! Thanks again!!!!
Karina (Vladivostok)
And Usharik came to us as well) Thank you very much, this is our first magazine. Itis so beautiful, bright, the child is delighted! Thank you!
Evgeniy (St.Petersburg)
Thank you very much for the magazine! The calendar is super, lots of games and interesting things. A low bow.
Albina (Krasnodar)
I thank the staff of the magazine "I hear the world", the developers of the "We deal with Usharik" manuals.