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We are a cute Usharik and his assistants - doctors and teachers. If you come to us, then you need our help, friendly advice and participation. Here you can find out everything that interests you about the program of hearing-related rehabilitation of children with hearing disabilities "I hear the world!", The creators of which together with Usharik will help the parents of those children who are not yet available to the world of sounds. We will tell you what hearing aids are and how a cochlear implant works, explain how to help a child after hearing a cochlear implant become hearing.

We want every child to say:
«I hear the world!»
About the program "I hear the world!"

In Russia, more than 13 million people with hearing impairment, including more than 1 million - children. For children with congenital deafness, the only effective method of rehabilitation is cochlear implantation. This is a complex process, which includes three mandatory steps:

  • examination and selection of patients;
  • surgical operation;
  • postoperative auditory rehabilitation.

Why do children need rehabilitation after cochlear implantation?
The Operation is just the beginning of the path, it returns the child hearing, but does not teach him to hear. Over the development of hearing and speech for a long time after the operation work surdopedagogy, other specialists and parents. The duration of hearing restoration in children with congenital deafness is more than 5 years.
Development program for children with hearing impairment
In 2008, the staff of FGBU "SPb NII ENT" of the Ministry of Health of Russia developed the first in Russia program for the comprehensive development of children with hearing loss "I hear the world!". The program combines the efforts of doctors, faculty, children and their parents and introduces a child with hearing impairment into the society of hearing people.

The project involves the favorite cartoon characters of children - Smeshariki. Thanks to these characters, the learning process becomes an entertaining game - the most effective form of teaching children. And most importantly - there is a new hero, a lion dog Usharik, personifying a child with hearing impaired. Read more

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