Rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants and hearing aids
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Rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants and hearing aids

The operation was carried out. What's next?
The first step is done — operation on cochlear implantation was successfully carried out. Now the main question for the child and his parents: what next? A difficult, but necessary and interesting way. It goes all after CI. Not fast, step by step — to this you need to be ready. However, it is very important to know: overcoming each new frontier, and the baby, and his father and mother will see real achievements.
Since 2008, "I hear the world!" Helps families,
where children with cochlear implants are brought up.
About the program "I hear the world!"

Employees FGBU « SPb Research Institute of ENT » The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has developed a unique method of hearing aural rehabilitation — the first in our country program for the comprehensive development of a child with hearing impairment. This program combines the efforts of doctors, speech therapists, faculty, psychologists, children and their parents, and allows the toddler with hearing loss to integrate painlessly into the society of hearing people.

The project involves the favorite cartoon characters of children - Smeshariki
With the help of these gay characters, the process of rehabilitation and learning turns into a fun game for the child, and this is — the most interesting and effective form of education. An important point: in this game there is a new hero — a small lion, Usharik, also born without a hearing, who underwent a cochlear implant and is now doing the same path to the world of sounds as children with CI and SA.

Registration in a fascinating style of benefits for children and teachers, computer development programs, cabinets and children's playgrounds of rehabilitation centers creates a single development environment for a child with hearing impairment. And this — that environment that is already recognized by hearing children. It changes the attitude of children with hearing aids or implants and to the activities: when they play, they are engaged in enthusiastic activities, which means they are actively and quickly trained.
We will organize

  • examination of the child;
  • consultations with leading specialists in the field of audiology, audiology, psychology;
  • on-site rehabilitation of families with disabled children by hearing;
  • training of family members in the "School of Parents" the rules of rehabilitation and communication with the child among the hearing.
Our common goal is — that a child with hearing impairment felt in society fully and comfortably, and his family felt that her rights and interests were protected at all levels.
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