Hello, dear friend!

I am a little lion. My name is Usharik. Do you know why? Because of my unusual story! When I was born, I soon realized that I could not hear anything. Nothing at all: no mother, no dad, no beautiful music, no singing of birds ... At first I was very upset because of this. But then clever and kind doctors helped me - had an operation and I started to hear everything! Now I read verses aloud, sing songs, dance and play with my friends.

Watching cartoon about Usharik

I know that the best thing you'll understand is how I turned from a deaf lion cub to a hearing one, if you see everything with your own eyes. From this cartoon you will find out: what doctors have done for me, how teachers, parents and friends helped me, and most importantly - what I had to work on myself. Not everything turned out easily and immediately. But I tried and believed in myself, and everything turned out!

Incredible story of Usharik

And if you already know how and love to read, then, of course, it will be interesting for you to read an amazing and unusual book with a story about me. About what a miracle happened to me! And how me, a sad little lion cub without hearing, have suddenly returned it and found many cheerful good friends.
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We play together with Smesharik

And when you get tired of training, let's play together. My games are both interesting and useful! I promise: you will not be bored! We will have fun!

Read the magazine "Usharik"

You want to read interesting stories and comics about the lion dog Usharik, learn something new, puzzle riddles and puzzles? Then open the magazine "Usharik" and make your time interesting and useful!