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Auditory implants help people overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication and offer a new quality of life to users.

Technological leader in the manufacture of cochlear implants

The company MED-EL is the technological leader in the field of hearing restoration with the help of implantable solutions. Due to the widest assortment of auditory implants, the company can provide a solution for the unique case of hearing loss of each candidate.
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MED-EL stood at the origins of cochlear implantation and developed the first multichannel cochlear implant 40 years ago.

Hearing implants of the last generation

Auditory implants MED-EL - is the result of 40 years of continuous research and development. Every day, people around the world are hearing with the MED-EL devices.

  • Absence of systemic problems with quality and reliability in the history of the manufacturer.

  • The minimal size of the implant allows using it for the youngest patients.

  • The unique technology of fixing the implant PIN reduces the operation time and the child under anesthesia by 30%.

  • A miniature external device (speech processor) is ideal for young children.

  • A durable titanium implant body for long-term implant service and user peace.

  • Possibility to undergo MRI examination at 1.5 and 3 Tesla WITHOUT additional surgical operation.

  • Large selection of electrodes for all clinical cases.

  • The depth of introduction of the electrode into the cochlea provides stimulation of the entire frequency range of the cochlea.

  • High intelligibility of speech and music. Children with MED-EL annually represent Russia at international music festivals .

  • A large patient kit for all life situations.

  • For patients with a dysfunctional auditory nerve, there is also a solution - a brainstem auditory implant.

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Experienced surgeons

Master class on surgery of auditory implants in the Military Medical Academy. Kirov
MED-EL trusts surgery only to the best surgeons and on a regular basis conducts master classes in Russia, uniting the efforts of the leading clinics of our country.

Affordable Rehabilitation

MED-EL — The only company on the market of CI in the Russian Federation, which invests in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities by ear.
  • The regional network of partner centers allows for patient support in the community.

  • MED-EL supports summer trips to the sea for families with children, where they can meet with leading experts.

  • On a regular basis, there are free webinars for parents and specialists.

Convenient service

The service center for the time of repair of your speech processor gives a replacement for free so that your child does not cease to hear.
  • All service specialists MED-EL are regularly trained in Austria.

  • The network of partner centers throughout Russia provides patient support in all regions.

  • The technology of remote control of the technical state of your speech processor has been implemented.

Support of specialists

Several times a year, the "MED-EL school for specialists" is held in Russia, where representatives of the company talk about innovations in the market of CI, and also train new specialists in working with high-tech medical products. It is important to note that all the software needed to set up the speech processor has a RUSSIAN INTERFACE.

Better quality of life

Auditory implants MED-EL help people overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication and offer users a new quality of life.

Thanks to an extensive portfolio of products, the company can provide such a version of auditory implant, which will be a solution for the unique case of hearing loss of each candidate:

  • cochlear implant system SYNCHRONY (Implant Synchrony and Speech Processor Sonnet) and MAESTRO (implants Pulsar, Sonata, Concerto and speech processor Opus 2) helps with sensorineural hearing loss and deafness
  • middle ear implant VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE - solution with sensorineural, conductive or mixed hearing loss
  • bone conduction system ADHEAR - for people with conductive hearing loss
  • Bone Conduction Implant BONEBRIDGE is ideal for people with conductive and mixed hearing loss or with one-sided deafness
  • electroacoustic stimulation EAS is the solution for people with partial deafness.

The main goal of MED-EL is to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication and open a world of sounds to people all over the world.