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Summer at the sea with Usharik

A great opportunity to combine family rest at sea and training with leading specialists in the field of cochlear implantation.

Traditional annual trips "Summer at the Sea with Usharik" give a unique chance to combine family summer vacation, health-improving rest on the sea and hearing the development of children with cochlear implants.

Since 2008, the program "I hear the world!" is realizing this project, and hundreds of families have already visited the Azov and Black Seas more than once with Usharik.


The project is being implemented since 2008

Such trips are especially relevant for families fr om remote regions of Russia, where, due to the lack of highly qualified specialists, it is more difficult for parents to rehabilitate the child qualitatively after cochlear implantation. However, joint summer vacations with Usharik and the program "I hear the world!" Are no less important to those who live in big cities, wh ere there are surdological rehabilitation centers.

Family holidays in the company of speech therapists, audiologists, psychologists, and most importantly - the time spent with them in an informal setting (not in the offices, but in nature, in nature) surpasses other methods of rehabilitation in efficiency. Another undoubted advantage - in their spare time children can play, sunbathe, swim in the sea and communicate with each other.

The project "Summer at the Sea with Usharik" is always a very strong team of professionals from different cities of Russia and the world.

Throughout the vacation, they are close to their wards. Constant intensive training of specialists with children in game and training form, regular parental consultations with speech therapists and speech therapists, special daily morning exercises, fascinating and cognitive animations, lectures of leading experts in the field of cochlear implantation, useful for both parents and colleagues, live continuous communication of moms and dads with people coping with the same problems as they themselves - all this as a result is priceless for a child who begins to hear and speak and overcome many obstacles on the way to the world of sound.

Invariably, after such ten-day trips, parents, teachers, and doctors note significant improvements in the development of hearing in children with CI. The rapid and noticeable dynamics in the auditory rehabilitation process of the child persists and in the subsequent, upon return from summer vacation.

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Your feedback

Ekaterina Voronets (Vologda)

Last year, in November, we made a cochlear implantation on the second ear (at first done in 2011). It was very important for me personally to hear the opinion of specialists (very different): how much did my child grow intellectually? How did he change? Does the second eye catch the first? How to help the child in this? I was very much helped by experts.

Egor Sanin (Orel)

All specialists are of the highest level, find an individual approach to the child and the child is really interested in it! Very much forward to the next rehabilitation!

Lyudmila Slastenina (Kurgan)

I admit, a couple of months before the trip, I was very worried: we had a period of calm then, it seemed to me that everything, the child stopped at some stage of development, nothing will happen later ... And now we have such a huge leap! For several days after returning from the sea we go to a regular kindergarten. Educators say: we are no different from healthy children. If there are such trips to the sea - we will definitely go!

Maria Stankevich (Ufa)

I got a lot of useful information. It is important that, among other things, the legal points were also voiced. About them, after all, too, do not always know everything. I really liked how perfectly everything was planned and organized. We have not waited anywhere, no one, not a minute! The most fascinating were family events. Even my husband participated in them, which happens to him rarely. A couple more such trips and he will be able to work as a surdologist in our city))

Anastasia Ivanova (St. Petersburg)

"At sea with Usharik!" I learned how to put sounds differently. Because by the way we tried to do this, we did not get anything done. We were advised by another method, and everything turned out! This year the trip was especially important for us, because in the autumn we are going to the 1st grade in the secondary school. But while teachers, to which we spent the past year on pre-school education, say that we have no differences in development. We are coping with everything.

Yulia Turchaninova (Nizhny Novgorod)

"At sea with Usharik!" We visited for the first time, and we, of course, are delighted! We went with the whole family - with my husband and my eldest daughter (she is 6 years old), who hears. Our youngest daughter is now 2.5 years old, in a year and a half we put her a cochlear implant on one ear, and now we are getting used to living with him. Wonderful experience left the team of professionals! All the specialists who went with us - great! I have no other word! On their part, this is not just a job - it's something more. This is an attitude to a child who should be cherished!

Julia Shpitalnaya (Krasnodar)

I wanted to thank all the specialists and organizers of the summer summer rehabilitation! This was our first rehabilitation, but I very much hope that not the last! The most important thing is that it has benefited us, we have learned a lot of new and useful things and it is already bearing fruits!

Ekaterina Lukinykh (Zheleznogorsk)

We went "At sea with Usharik!" This year is not the first time and I know for certain that it is not the last. We really like this and it helps a lot, so we went and will continue to drive.

Yuliya Grebenchukova (Stavropol)
I want to express my gratitude to everyone who took part in the on-site rehabilitation. We have acquired a lot of new knowledge, many friends. And also, what is not so important, is that the child has communicated with the same as he children. And parents in turn, will seek results, using the recommendations of teachers. Next year we will definitely go. You just arrange such an event!