Summer at the sea with Usharik

This year, summer for 200 people from different regions of the Russian Federation has turned orange!

It was under this motto that the Fifth Annual Outreach Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities by Hearing "A Visit to the Sea by the Whole Family" was held. This traditional summer event was organized by the Parent Association "I Hear the World!" Under the scientific guidance of the St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of the ENT of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the support of Med-El and took place from 15 June to 30 June 2013 in Anapa, Krasnodar Region.

Summer Rehabilitation 2013
Active two weeks at sea

This year, the "Volna" Complex of Sanatorium "Nadezhda" hospitably opened its doors to the participants of our rehabilitation. The active life of parents and children began immediately after their arrival in the camp. The day was painted by the minute, in the morning the traditional gymnastics, breakfast, animation on the beach, aerobics for moms, individual and group lessons, lunch, parents' school, animated cartoons, lectures for specialists, dinner, children's disco, adult animation and adult disco. In a busy life on rehabilitation, parents managed to find time for communication, creativity, joint excursions, and also for a trip to the Aquapark.

More than 200 people from all over Russia.

All the exit activities had one goal - the rehabilitation of the child and his entire family, and the most important direction of rehabilitation is the auditory work. A team of experienced specialists from the leading centers of cochlear implantation of St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as regions of the Russian Federation conducted a daily reception of children. Surgeon-educators, speech therapists, audiologists and psychologists engaged with children in individual and group sessions, and were also ready to answer all questions of interest to parents throughout the day.


Groups for parents and children were led by a professional psychologist, mother of an implanted child Kelim Vera.

At her trainings, she talked about the features of the development of children of different ages, including implanted ones, as well as relationships within the family raising such a child; dealt with specific situations and gave practical advice; conducted classes on psychological unloading of parents; from active teenagers, a detachment of journalists was organized, covering all the most important events taking place on rehabilitation: the results of comradely football matches, Usharik's birthday, the opening of the shift, the work of the magic room and other events.


The real director and artist of the popular scientific animated series Pin Code project "Smeshariki." came to visit our rehabilitation.

Thanks to their rich experience of working in animation, communicating with children and creative fuse, it was possible to unite children and hearing-impaired children in a single project, regardless of their age. It is especially important that as a result of this work we received a finished product made by our small animators, costumers, make-up artists, filmmakers, artists, writers ... The film premiered in a friendly atmosphere at a concert dedicated to the closing of the shift. Prizes were given for the main male and female roles, and the film itself caused a storm of applause from the audience.

Little Red Riding Hood on the far shores

Team of specialists

Specialists of the highest level attended the rehabilitation: experts from the Saint-Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of the ENT of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the audiologist, Ph.D., Pudov Victor Ivanovich, the professor of the faculty of the faculty of the faculty of the faculty of the Russian State Pedagogical University. A.I. Herzen, a member of the board of the Russian Society of Audiologists, senior researcher at the St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Ear, Nose, and Tongue of the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development, Ph.D., Professor Koroleva Inna Vasilievna, who not only advised children but and lectured for specialists and parents.


Important was the arrival of PhD Professor Pashkov Alexander Vladimirovich (Moscow), who, together with his colleagues made a unique study for Russia - the EABR test, during which the inner part of the cochlear implantation system is stimulated and the brain stem responses are recorded. Thus, we get exact answers to the sound stimuli given to the child, and we can estimate the correctness of the speech processor tuning. The answers to this study are one of the most stable and do not depend on time conditions, which gives grounds to consider this method to be reliable and objective. 

This year, along with a permanent participant in our rehabilitation - a representative of the company Med-El in the Russian Federation, Andrey Izosimov, came Schmidtleitner Elena, clinical engineer Med-El from Vienna, Austria, who answered all questions of interest to parents.

Useful Entertainment

As in previous years, there was a system of motivation for children and parents. For each event organized at the summer rehabilitation, participants received special coupons, which later could be exchanged for gifts in the Magic Room.


The closing of the shift was marked by a large number of surprises: gifts to all participants of rehabilitation, prizes in the magic room for the most active children and, of course, the final concert at which everyone was able to give all the rehabilitation participants a room, show their talents and boast of their achievements. The final concert, which became a sincere and warm tradition, was the end of the Orange summer in Anapa.

Usharik invites you!
We will be happy to meet you at the seaside next year!


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