Summer at the sea with Usharik

This summer, as in the past, we went to one of the sunniest and most hospitable cities in Anapa.
For six years in a row, the program for the rehabilitation of children with hearing disabilities "I hear the world!" is conducting an on-site summer rehabilitation at the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. For many families, it has become a good tradition to start the summer with Usharika and rehabilitation specialists.

This summer, as in the past, we went to one of the sunniest and most hospitable cities in Anapa.

Summer rehabilitation of 2014
Two weeks at sea

On the basis of boarding house Fairy 3 we spent two weeks unforgettable (16-30 June), full of not only activities, but also merry holidays, discos, competitions - all this under the gentle sun, next to the warm sea on golden sand.

More than 350 people fr om all over Russia

Every year, the warm sun of Anapa and the gentle sea gathers more and more participants of the exit summer rehabilitation "A visit to the sea with the whole family," and this summer was no exception: we a large group (more than 350 people) swam, sunbathed, engaged, played and just relax.

"By the seas, by the waves"

This year the theme of our rehabilitation was: "By the seas, by the waves". The sea theme was chosen not by chance, because the sea is a symbol of light, space and freedom.

Project Partners

Traditionally, on-site rehabilitation is carried out by the program "I hear the world!" In cooperation with the Parent Association "I hear the world!" and its chairman Dmitriy Georgievich Kulikov. This summer, all participants were waited by pleasant surprises: a new boarding house, improved living conditions and food, for which we thank the assistant and manager of the program "I hear the world!" - Bazova Olga Mikhailovna.

Scientific and methodological support and support of all summer rehabilitation activities is provided by the St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Ear, Nose, and Tongue of the Ministry of Health of Russia; Psychological and pedagogical leadership - methodologist-organizer  Zontova Olga Viktorovna.

This year, the city's outreach program in Anapa was supported by the city administration, the authorized representative for the rights of the child, Maria Nikolayevna Besolova, visited our events several times. Also, the exit was held under the clear control of Pyzhova Olga Viktorovna - the Chief Freelance Regional Children's Surdologist of the Krasnodar Territory.

The program of the trip was marked by a grand opening, wh ere Professor Yanov Yuriy Konstantinovich, a professor, doctor of medical sciences, director of the leading institution for cochlear implantation, SPb Research Institute of the ENT, made a video greeting.

Help of specialists
Classes with speech therapists

Lectures with children were conducted by speech therapists:

  • Shashukova Evgenia Anatolyevna, Shishkina Anna Vladimirovna, Petrova Kristina Edmundovna, Schepetilnikova Galina Borisovna, Shlyakhtenko Julia Borisovna (St. Petersburg)
  • Orekhova Irina Aleksandrovna (Stavropol)
  • Belyaeva Olga Leonidovna (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Chirkova Larisa Petrovna (Izhevsk)
  • Lammok Natalia Alexandrovna (Orsk)
  • Bezrukova Tatyana Viktorovna (Cherepovets)
  • Pershina Margarita Nikolaevna (Yekaterinburg)
  • Gafurova Ilnara Rinafovna (Ufa)
  • Salikhova Rumiya Maksutovna (Astana, Kazakhstan)
Setting up implants

Based on the results of pedagogical and audiological testing, the settings for children after cochlear implantation were conducted by two audiologists: Pudov Nikolai Viktorovich (St. Petersburger), Voronova Irina Andreevna (Ekaterinburg). All questions of parents and specialists were always glad to get answers from Andrey Izosimov, a leading audiologist.

Psychological trainings

The opportunity to get individual lessons with a psychologist was at each participant: both in children and adults. Subject-problem group psychological training was conducted by Kelim Vera Evgenievna (St. Petersburg).

Technical support

Traditionally at the summer rehabilitation, all the kids had the opportunity to get spare parts for the processors, set up their hearing aids and make liners. This was helped by a surdologist, an audiologist - Vladimir Evgenievich Gaufman (Krasnodar).

Useful Entertainment

Updated animation programs, sports games and evening show programs pleased not only the kids, their brothers, sisters and friends, but also their parents, as well as professionals who enthusiastically carried out all activities. Each day began with a traditional morning developmental charge, and ended with a general fun children's disco.

Art therapy

For the first time on site rehabilitation was art therapy, according to the results of which children with teachers put two performances.

Club on the grass

Unusual and very exciting activities aimed at hearing and general development of children this summer were creative and developing studios - a club on the grass that was conducted by two talented teachers from Chelyabinsk: Medvedeva Irina Sergeevna and Maksimuk Eugenia Alexandrovna. Children at the studio were engaged in practical and musical activities.

Cartoon class

The updated cartoon class was conducted by a specialist of the highest level - psychologist Simakov Mikhail Veniaminovich (Nizhny Novgorod). A new muttifikatsionny film, created by children with hearing loss and after cochlear implantation and their friends, was also voiced by them.

DJing and a concert of electronic music

All the animation activities of the summer shift in the hostel were supported by the young, but already quite well-known DJ - ViZon. He also conducted special classes in DJing for children after cochlear implantation, developed their auditory perception with electronic music, and the children conducted a concert of electronic music.

Magic Room of Usharik

During the time and successful participation in all exit events, all children, their relatives and parents received magic money that could be exchanged for magic gifts in the magic room of Usharik.

Club Dance

Every day at the main building there was a club dance, under the anthem of the project "Together - we are a great force".

Usharik's Birthday

On Usharik's birthday, traditionally celebrated in the summer - June 23, the children prepared various gifts. Usharik was happy, because he had his first anniversary, he was 5 years old. He thanked all the guys with words, because he had already learned to speak.

Excursion to aquapark

A general excursion to aquapark in the middle of the shift was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

Final creative concert

The traditional ending of the change of rehabilitation is a creative concert. At the concert, a pleasant surprise was brought to all by a team of specialists who danced two touching and incendiary dances. All the participants of the trip received diplomas and memorable gifts.

Adult program
School for parents

The program of the traditionally held school for parents was also updated, in which all parents and specialists of the visiting course could take part. Lecturers from different cities told about the peculiarities of rehabilitation of children and adults after cochlear implantation. In addition, Elena V. Ohotnikova (Kirov) told her parents about the peculiarities of rehabilitation in the summer at Anapa resorts, and Pudova Olga Nikolayevna (St. Petersburg) explained the features of the care of processors.

Rehabilitation of adult patients

This year, several adult preplanned patients visited anapa rehabilitation in Anapa. We hope for the continuation of this tradition, the activity of adult patients next summer, for which we will prepare some interesting cultural, leisure and development programs.

Usharik invites you!
We will be happy to meet you at the seaside next year!

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