Summer at the sea with Usharik

Almost fifty families from different regions of Russia, raising children with hearing loss, including - after cochlear implantation rested, played and studied with Usharik on the Azov Sea from 8 to 18 July. 

All this time  the best Russian and world experts on auditory rehabilitation were with them. Thus, the families spent this summer with a double benefit: combined health-improving rest on the sea and auditory development of the child. In the future this will certainly help children with hearing loss and after cochlear implantation to adapt to ordinary life among hearing people. And all those who did not have time or could not go to sea this year, Usharik waits in the next!

Summer rehabilitation in 2016

The project has been implemented since 2008, and since then many participants of the parent association "I hear the world!" have already managed to visit not only the Azov Sea, but also the Black Sea. This summer, all 46 families with children and experts in speech-based rehabilitation have settled in the resort village of Golubitskaya.

We started the rest fr om the organizational meeting, at which parents met each other and with specialists. This time (however, as always) a very strong team of professionals gathered - surdopedagogy, speech therapists, audiologists and psychologists fr om different cities of Russia and the world. Each of them has five or even ten years' experience of successful work with children with cochlear implants. For 10 days, teachers and doctors advised children and parents, and also upgraded their qualifications by studying with the St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of the Ear, throat, nose and speech at the FGBU research staff.

  • Olga Zontova, Evgenia Shashukova, Anna Shishkina, Yulia Shlyakhtenko and Nikolay Pudov (St. Petersburg)
  • Andrey Izosimov (Moscow)
  • Larisa Chirkova (Izhevsk)
  • Margarita Pershina (Yekaterinburg)
  • Evgenia Maksimuk and Irina Medvedeva (Chelyabinsk)
  • Vera Kelim (Slovenia)

Seminars and consultations
Lectures for parents from Inna Koroleva

Special guest of departure - Professor, Ph.D. Inna Koroleva - read a series of lectures for parents on the rehabilitation of children after cochlear implantation and held a practical seminar for specialists on this topic. She talked about methods for children of different ages, why it is important to learn to listen well to speak correctly, and also about the musical rehabilitation of children with hearing impairments. In addition, Inna Vasilievna held individual consultations for families with children with CI.

Consultations on the upbringing of children from Vera Kelim

Every day there were group consultations on the education of children with hearing impairment from Vera Kelim. She is the mother of the KI-daughter, a well-known practicing psychologist, the head of "Clubus" ("Club of Successful Parents" - the place wh ere qualified psychologists and interested parents communicate, learn to be the best in the upbringing of their child, learn constructive ways of interacting with him, learn new and important about family life, relationships and upbringing, and in the end - to gain confidence and tranquility). Vera Kelim specially arrived in Golubitskaya from Slovenia to give advice on raising children with CI and overcoming difficult situations. She led two groups - one involved parents of children with CI, and in the other - older children with CI.

Creative workshop for children from Yevgenia Maksimuk and Irina Medvedeva

The workshop for children with CI of different ages was opened by the faculty of the faculty Evgenia Maksimuk and Irina Medvedeva from Chelyabinsk. They helped children develop small motor skills, do thematic handicrafts, learn the world and build communication within each group.

All families daily consulted with the faculty and speech therapists. For each child, primary pedagogical diagnosis was carried out, and an individual plan was made to improve his hearing and speech.

Gifts from partners
Gift backpack from MED-EL

Immediately upon arrival, each family received a bright backpack with useful things and gifts from the partners of the project "Visiting the sea with the whole family!": "Azimut Med Group" LLC (St. Petersburg) and the manufacturer of cochlear implants MED-EL (Austria ). In the backpack lay various pleasant little things, a notebook for creativity, games for the development of memory, and most importantly - a special rehabilitation card from the project "I hear the world!". In this card, day after day, experts wrote down individual recommendations for each child, so that parents later, on their return home, could independently engage with him.

Waterproof covers for speech processor

In their free time, the children quietly bathed in the Azov Sea. To ensure that they continue to hear and do not damage the speech processor, the project partners gave each child a set of waterproof cases "WaterWear MED-EL", which protect the speech processor during the entire "Visit to the sea by the whole family!"

Useful Entertainment
Morning work-out

The morning of each hearing day, held at sea, began with a special charge for children. Surgeon-educators and speech therapists picked up popular children's songs from cartoons and came up with a set of exercises that help the child understand the rhythm and enjoy the movement in time with the music. This musical and educational complex literally aroused the children to speak and listen from morning till evening!

Film school

Another fascinating pastime was the Film School, wh ere children day after day created a joint project to present to his parents at the end of the trip.

Beach program

Of course, it was impossible to ignore the fact that everything was happening on the sea - a new thematic beach animation was invented for children every day.

"School for parents"

Departure "A visit to the sea with the whole family!" was useful not only for children - every evening there was also a "School for Parents". Specialists in the rehabilitation of children after cochlear implantation shared their experience, answered questions from dads and moms, and lectured on the most topical issues in this field.

Usharik invites you!

"Departure" At Sea with the Usharik! "- an incomparable practice! It's a full ten days in the format of a hearing-based intensiveness for children and an endless stream of useful information for adults, "says Olga Bazova, a project manager of "I hear the world! " - Children after such summer trips really have a serious breakthrough in development. Very fast and noticeable dynamics. But not only due to the fact that the child here somehow troublesome, too loaded. No! Just changing the atmosphere, the surrounding. Usually in a city a child comes to a lesson with a certain mood, he already knows: now he will be taught, this is a lesson, it will require effort. Of course, individual studies and here required a lot of work from the child. But when the kid comes to engage in creativity, he seems to be entertaining, drawing something, sculpting, mastering, playing, communicating, but at the same time there is an intensive learning process. His personal skills and abilities develop, small motor skills develop, children learn to hear, talk with each other, express their thoughts, build relationships.

In addition, the child sees that he is not alone, like him, a lot, and they also do not have everything and do not immediately get it. The child calms down and tries to do what is not possible, again and again. Parents, seeing this, also become calmer. In addition, parents need to communicate with each other. They need to make sure that not only they faced such a disaster, but, next to them, similar mums and dads, and everyone "manages somehow . And the one who faced this before, can already share both experience and success. This inspires confidence. "

The project "I hear the world!" sincerely hopes that each of the participants on their return home will continue their path of hearing-development, and the days spent "At the sea with the whole family!" will help them in this! See you next year!

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