Summer at the sea with Usharik

This is a good tradition, supported by both professionals and parents and their children. The number of participants this year has grown in 3 times. There were already friends among parents and specialists, who had become friends in the previous trip, but the most joyful thing was the meetings of children. For a year everyone have grown, have reached new heights. The new children very easily and harmoniously joined our warm team, they made new friends, so that they did not want to part with.
For the second time the village of Golubitskaya of the Krasnodar Territory meets the program of rehabilitation of children with disabilities by ear "I hear the world!"

Summer rehabilitation in 2010
Recreation and exercise at sea

For 9 days, the affectionate Sea of ​​Azov and the warm sun of the village of Golubitskaya pleased specialists, parents and their children from all our vast Russia and from the countries of the Near Abroad. Together with the pleasure that all guests of the off-site rehabilitation have received from their rest, they also benefited: specialists from the seminar, parents and children from classes with faculty, speech therapists, audiologists and all together from communicating with each other.


The Health Day

On 21 June 2010 a solemn opening of exit rehabilitation took place. On the same day, the specialists listened to their first lectures on the general issues of cochlear implantation and its role in the rehabilitation of children's hearing. Parents and their children attended their first classes with speech therapists, received the first settings, and in the evening, in a playful form, got acquainted with the rules of behavior at sea and in the sun.

The first day ended with a children's mini disco and the anthem of our departure "We are together!", which perfectly reflects the goal of the entire summer retreat: to unite all parents and teachers in the development of hearing and speech of implanted and hearing-aid children, and to make friends from hearing and badly-hearing children. It is difficult for all of us, and together we are a force that will overcome any difficulties and obstacles!


A Day in Hawaii

On 22 June was the second day of our visiting session of the program for the rehabilitation of children with hearing disabilities "I hear the world!" The day turned out to be a warm and sunny joy for everyone , and therefore everything, after charging and refreshment, went to the beach for the traditional morning animation.

This day moms, dads and their children spent with guests from the island of Hawaii: Gaia and her friends, who had fun beach contests for children, relay races and dances. Gaia brought gifts to all the children, and her friends painted all those who wanted with a watercolor. Children were happy to participate in all contests, and their satisfied parents took pictures of everything that happened.


There will be something to remember away from the warm Sea of ​​Azov! Animation for children is fun and enjoyable. But this trip is primarily aimed at hearing-based rehabilitation of children, and so after the animation, everyone went to classes every day with teachers and settings. After which all traditionally met at the evening animation for children and their parents, as well as in a mini disco, which, at the same time, is a group dance-rhythmic activity aimed at the speech development of the child. Having enough jumping and running gave the children  an opportunity to show their talents. That's how busy was the day in Hawaii with parents and their children.


Not less effective day had the specialists who learned all the subtleties of medical and social and psychological and pedagogical selection of candidates for cochlear implantation. On this day the lectures were read by Koroleva Inna Vasilievna, the leading scientific employee of the FSI "SPb SRI ENT" , Pudov Victor Ivanovichthe head of the program of cochlear implantation of the FGU "SPb SRI ENT" , Primako Vladimir Ivanovich, the representative of MED-EL in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

Usharik's Birthday

Hooray-hurray! Usharik was 1 year old! He grows and develops with the rest of the kids. While he is still very small, he already knows a lot and knows how ... All-all-all of the moms, dads, implanted children and their hearing brothers and sisters were invited to Usharik. A lot of people gathered, all together they made a huge cake for Usharik, decorated it with shells and flowers and, of course, with one candle. Everyone conducted fun and amicably dances, played in Karavai and other competitions and relay races. And, of course, a traditional photo to remember with the originator of the celebration.

It's good to have fun in the sun in the morning: to play, swim, sunbathe, and in the daytime when the sun becomes dangerous, it's better to spend time for classes. In the evening, all the same, everyone will meet again on the nightly animation! This evening, Usharik was the main character! He arranged contests for children, for their mothers and dads, danced with them at a disco. Grateful children brought many gifts to Usharik, and what is most pleasant, they were all made by themselves and from the kind heart. Usharik was very pleased and he decided to organize an exhibition of children's works, so that everyone could admire such beauty.


Specialists on this day discussed the issues of interaction between an audiologist and rehabilitologist during the adjustment of speech processors. At the lectures, they learned not only the basics of personal customization of speech processors, but also the features of their remote configuration. The remote adjustment of the speech processor of the cochlear implant is simultaneously, on the one hand, a novelty of modern audiology (for the first time it was held on 16 April 2010 between patients from the Chelyabinsk region and specialists from the FSI "SPb SRI ENT"), and on the other hand, a daily routine of SRI ENT ». Currently, any parent can order a remote setting on the website.

A pirate show
Put on vests, bandanas, grab swords, pistols, because today you have to overcome many difficulties and trials, prove that you are the best of the best, the most worthy of all pirates. Aboard!!! The pirate show begins!

And here come funny contests again : "The most dexterous!", "The most accurate!", "The most beautiful!", "The most skillful!". Boys and girls were able to show their best qualities, such that their parents did not even guess about. Everyone passed the most difficult tests with dignity and were recognized as real pirates! A pirate must be not only clever, courageous and skillful, but he should also speak and listen well, and therefore the next task is to visit a speech therapist, speech therapist, and audiologist.

This task, even if it is customary, is still difficult for our children, but despite this, they take the test with dignity. And, being already pretty exhausted, but satisfied by the evening, they run for animation to start looking for a pirate treasure, which is already somewhere very close ... a couple more trials ... and here it is a long-awaited treasure! Hooray! The chest is filled with beautiful magnets! Children are happy, parents are happy. In the end, a children's disco and contests for adults. No one will remain unoccupied. And again the sea of ​​positive emotions, smiles on faces and happiness in the eyes.


Experts training is not as easy and fun as the one for kids, but it's understandable. The game is the most effective form of training, but it's for kids. We know this secret and actively use it. And adults ... adults also like to play, but the huge amount of information that the lecturers shared with listeners and the lively interest that the subjects raised caused them to conduct lectures in their traditional form. Topics on this day were very important for the gathered experts. Lectures on rehabilitation, its main points, on the development of auditory perception were read by Koroleva Inna Vasilievna - author of a large number of books on cochlear implantation, which, without exaggeration, can be called bestsellers and books unique in content.


The Neptune Day

That's the halfway point of the rehabilitation of children. It did not even pass, but it flew away... so intense and interesting days that you simply do not notice how they pass. But ... the days pass, and the results are seen: parents and children are so friends that they spend more time together, communicate. This is one of the most important moments of our rehabilitation - communication. In the morning on this day our friendly and organized parents and their children went on an excursion to the Valley of the Lotus. Got impressed, photographed, rested. Someone went to the Crocodile farm, located right next to our hotel, someone just went to the sea, and someone else took mud baths, located on our beach.

A new day, new impressions, new occupations, new achievements and results. Every new, albeit small, success, every new victory brings the child closer to hearing and talking. And on this path, the true support and support to him, of course, are parents and specialists. Doing good, and relax and have fun even better! In addition, today is the Day of Neptune - the ruler of the seas and oceans !!! Yes, and contests he came up with one more interesting than the other, all the kids were happy to participate, the pearls earned money. Well, adults, as always, without attention did not remain - had fun, smiled and laughed!


All for the carnival!

The sunny and bright day was additionally decorated with children's smiles and their beautiful costumes, as well as flashes of parents' cameras. Baba Yaga and Koschey Immortal came to visit us, who very much wanted to get to us for the holiday, held cheerful competitions and relay races, and all the winners were not only given carnival masks. Such active children and their parents turned out that all-all-all received carnival costumes, and who did not get it, could make themselves out of improvised materials. As a result, at the children's disco, along with Koshchei and Baba Yaga, very bright characters were having fun!


A report concert

It was an important day and it was important for all participants in rehabilitation. Today is the concert. Great hall, stage, light, sound ... Participants are preparing for the backstage. All of them are worried, because for them it's all for the first time. To go on stage and read a poem for a newly implanted child is a feat, to demonstrate the dance - great courage and courage, to go out and support an implanted brother, sister, friend - a noble act. Since the morning of rehearsal. Everyone was tired, but no one refused to speak. The smallest artists are not yet 3 years old, the largest are already adult beautifully charming young people. One of the co-host was an implanted girl of 18 years old, and she spoke so well that if they asked which of the three leading implants were implanted, not everyone would have guessed right away.


Usharik invites you!

Well, the last day of the annual summer exit session for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities "I hear the world!" Has crept up unnoticed. The last lessons and settings, the last lectures, the last animation and disco. Everyone is already so used to each other that I do not want to part. But we do not leave forever, but only for 1 year, until next June. Children will be already quite large, they will hear and speak better, learn new poems and songs ... In a year so much can be done! And then we all will meet together and share our achievements with each other and with new participants in rehabilitation.

We will be happy to meet you at the seaside next year!

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