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Training of specialists in regions

Rehabilitation in each city of Russia
On the way to the world of sounds, in addition to parents, a child with CI or CA is accompanied by many more people. These are the most diverse specialists: ENT doctors, correctional teachers, audiologists, audiologists, speech therapists, psychologists, etc. Without them, the baby can not cope. However, there are never too many professionals.
Throughout its years of work, the program "I hear the world!"»considers the most important task of training specialists, especially—in the regions.
About the program "I hear the world!"

Since 1997, at the St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of ENT (the leading Russian center where cochlear implantation is carried out, is part of the international association of auditory implant clinics HEARRING) Over 5000 patients have been rehabilitated. However, not all families with special children are able to regularly go to rehabilitation courses in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

The program "I hear the world!" Realizes the great importance of qualitative and accessible rehabilitation for patients with CI and CA in every city of Russia, therefore we:

  • organizationally, educationally and legally support regional centers of hearing rehabilitation "I hear the world!";
  • We provide centers "I hear the world!" with the necessary methodological literature and manuals.
  • we conduct consultations;
  • specialists regularly travel to different regions of our country to train colleagues in the field.
What are we doing?
  • with the involvement of leading Russian and foreign experts, we teach audiologists the tuning of speech processors, as well as remote adjustment of the RP with the use of telemedicine equipment;
  • organize workshops for practicing surgeons;
  • teach the family members of the child with CI or SA rehabilitation rules in the "School of Parents";
  • we conduct training and consultations of specialists (audiologists, audiologists, otolaryngologists, surdopedagogists) in the regions;
  • we hold all-Russian and international professional thematic conferences.

The interaction, support and cooperation of various specialists at all levels throughout the country allow to significantly improve the quality and accessibility of auditory rehabilitation for children in all parts of Russia.
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