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12 октября 2017

How Krasnoyarsk works with children after CI

Out of complete silence, they are practically dragged out by teachers and parents. In Krasnoyarsk, dozens of deaf children since the birth of children, not only learned to speak, they went to school and to dance.
Educators of the Center for Medical and Social Assistance "Consciousness" have made progress - almost from scratch, and most importantly - for free, they teach deaf children to listen and hear: first the creaking of the door, the mewing of a cat, and then human speech. This is a long process of rehabilitation after the implantation of the auditory implant. And after it, the children are almost ready to study in general schools.

Sonya Lyamina, student of the Center for Social Assistance: "Sing and draw! And there they have already done it - we go to music, then they sang about "Kolobok", under the songs, I was a fox ".

The most difficult thing, say defectologists, is to provoke a child to communicate, because such children are more likely to live in silence from the birth, and they perceive any sound as unnecessary noise.

Olga Reshetnikova, teacher-defectologist
It is necessary to cooperate with the parent, the child and the teacher. And the desire to talk with us.