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1 ноября 2017

Conference on the education of children with HIA

The best specialists from all over the country gathered in Khabarovsk to discuss the quality of inclusive education.
Children with disabilities should be educated and educated in a single educational environment, but often, children need medical care first. For example, the problem of infantile hearing loss is complex. It is necessary that both doctors and educators interact. This is now being discussed at the federal level. For many years Khabarovsk has been successfully coping with such a task.

Victor Pudov, Leading Researcher of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

What can not help doctors, teachers help, and indeed the organization of this work in the Khabarovsk Territory, it stands at a high level.
The plot in the program "Vesti Khabarovsk"
The telechannel "RUSSIA 1" about the conference in Khabarovsk.
Difficulties in education arise not only in children with hearing and speech impairment. The most important factor in the successful and qualitative adaptation of children with HIA is the early diagnosis of the problem. Lyudmila Sidelnikova, head of the MADOU "Verboton"

- This will enable you to join your peers in a timely manner, create them, for them the necessary conditions, learn how to live with them, among ordinary peers
Also, according to experts, children with disabilities should provide continuous training and support. The process of inclusive education should start from the lowest stage - kindergarten and end with higher education. Tatiana Matveenkova, Head of the Department of Preschool Education of the Education Department of the Administration of Khabarovsk

- It is very gratifying that the city of Khabarovsk has such a strong support from the city administration that our children had the opportunity to get here, without leaving the city, qualified and medical assistance and rehabilitation assistance, so today's conference, its contribution is invaluable
Such a discussion of the issues of inclusive education with the participation of heads of educational institutions, psychologists, defectologists, speech therapists, and healthcare workers from all over the country takes place in Khabarovsk for the first time. The conference will last two days.