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12 октября 2017

Distance learning in SPbSU: unlimited opportunities for everyone

The rector of the St. Petersburg University Nikolay Kropachev met with a law student, mastering the basic educational program of the bachelor's program "Jurisprudence" (full-time correspondence using e-learning).
For the first time, a doctor of law and a future graduate of the University met in 2014 at the bottom of freshman, and the second time - now to sum up the interim results of training, discuss further plans and scientific interests.

Nikolay Kuznetsov is studying in the fourth year. The diploma of a bachelor's lawyer today looks like a very real prospect. But it is now. When Nikolay was two and a half years old, due to complications of meningitis, he completely lost sight, hearing and speech. Thanks to cochlear implantation and rehabilitation, a rumor returned to the young man, and then speech, but his vision was not restored. At the age of six he entered a specialized school for the blind in St. Petersburg and lived a full life of a hearing person. After graduating fr om school with a gold medal, Nikolai faced the need to choose - wh ere to continue his studies. The question of who he wants to become, at that time, the young man was no longer - the decision to become a lawyer, he took in the seventh grade, so great was the interest of the student to law.
Nikolay Kuznetsov: I made a firm decision to become a lawyer, and immediately chose for myself the direction of my future activity - to be a lawyer in criminal cases.

"Despite the fact that at the moment my inclinations have changed a little, the criminal law interests me so far very, very," says Nikolay. "Anyway, the choice of jurisprudence as a sphere of future activity has become precisely my conscious choice and dream."

This year St. Petersburg University has received ten people for training on the basic educational program of the bachelor's degree using modern electronic technologies. Yesterday's schoolchildren had the opportunity to study in one of the best legal schools in the country remotely. This form is convenient for applicants who can not attend internally: for example, because they do not live in St. Petersburg, or because of disability.

The main educational program of the bachelor's program "Jurisprudence" (full-time correspondence using e-learning) was opened in 2014. Since then, more than 40 entrants have been enrolled in the program, including those who have the right to enroll in a special quota.

Rector of St. Petersburg State University Nikolai Kropachev: You can study at St. Petersburg State University, anywhere in the world. We had a student athlete, who spent all the time in training, and then performed at the Sochi Olympics and successfully mastered the program.

Of course, the main difference between the full-time and part-time form of full-time education is that the student may not attend the classes at the University. "The idea here is this: we have the opportunity to listen online in lectures attended by our fellow students, or listen to the same lectures in the record, in the archive, we also have webinars - seminars using a space bridge and individual consultations," explains Nikolai.

The rector inquired about the progress of the student, and Nikolai admitted that among the "good" and "excellent" crept two assessments "satisfactorily," one of which in civil law. "Do not scold yourself, it's a very complicated subject. Besides, now you understand how difficult it is to study as a lawyer at St. Petersburg State University, - we have very high demands. But this exactingness is accompanied not only by a high level of knowledge of graduates, but even by entrants - the strongest come to us."

80% of budget places on the program "Jurisprudence" (with the use of e-learning) are allocated for applicants who have the right to enter a special quota.

"This is due to the educational technologies used in the implementation of the program, which make higher education as accessible as possible and take into account available educational opportunities. This approach is especially relevant for people who need an increased level of social protection, "said Alexander Khurshudyan, deputy head of the Department for the organization of the reception of St. Petersburg State University.

The student also asked the rector for advice: in a year and a half, the young man will have to choose whether to continue his studies at the magistracy, and if so, for what program. Nikolai Kropachev suggested that the student should think that all the years of college students helped him take exams. The future lawyer replied that this was a theory of law. "In that case, you know the answer yourself. You have studied the basis, the theory, you see the basis for moving forward, so now go to the industry. Today, criminal law and the law of intellectual property are most relevant, the latter - especially from the point of view of development of the state as a whole. " To enable Nikolai to immerse himself in the topic of access to information and copyright, the rector invited the student to one of the round tables of the International Cultural Forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg from November 16 to 18.

Nikolai Mikhailovich also advised Nicholas to think about practical activities, not to go headlong into science: "Is not it fascinating for you to be able to help a person? After all, law is first and foremost the search for justice. Do you have, albeit small, experience of helping someone? Maybe you have already been contacted for legal advice? ". The student confirmed that, knowing about his status as a law student at one of the country's best law schools, people applied for advice. The rector summed up: "You already know what it's like, do not give up this opportunity."

In 2017, Nikolai Kuznetsov took part in the international music festival "Magic Symphony".