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7 Марта 2018

Happy International Women's Day!

Dear women! Sincerely we congratulate you on the beautiful spring holiday - International Women's Day on March 8!

Regardless of whether we work hand in hand or cooperate from a distance, we appreciate and are glad that you - both our colleagues and business partners - are smart, talented, creative, positive, responsive and tireless in a desire to do our common cause!

It has long been believed that the woman - the keeper of not only understanding and calm in the team, but also the family hearth. The peace and prosperity in every home depend on you. Thank you, dear ladies, for your kindness, understanding and your feminine wisdom!

Let the work bring you the desired results, let everything turn out easily and without hindrance in personal and family life! We wish you good health, realization of all hopes, true love and friendship, women's happiness, attention and caring participation of colleagues and friends! May every day of yours be sunny, joyful, filled with kindness and optimism!


The staff of the rehabilitation program "I hear the world!"