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5 Марта 2018

The program "I hear the world!" will visit Podolsk

Very soon, on 12 March, a meeting of parents and specialists, as well as a children's drawing competition. will be held in Podolsk.

The program "I hear the world!" celebrates its tenth birthday in 2018, and the parent association of the same name is eight years old. In this regard interesting events are planned in different regions of our country throughout the year.

On 12 March a meeting of the regional parent association "I hear the world!", a seminar for parents of children with cochlear implants, as well as a children's drawings contest on the theme "I hear so!", where all children with CI can take part will be held in Podolsk (Moscow region),. At the seminar, families fr om Podolsk, wh ere children with hearing impairments are raised, will have an opportunity to discuss many questions related to diagnosis, auditory rehabilitation and features of teaching children with HH by hearing with the specialists of one of the best Russian medical institutions - FGBU "SPb SRI ENT" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The meeting will take place in the "Family" center, located at: Podolsk, Severnaya street, house 9 A.

The main topics of the seminar:

  • — methods of development of auditory perception (RSV): goals, objectives, principles, the sequence of rehabilitation work;

  • — features of the development of oral speech in children with hearing impairment;

  • — language ability and speech activity;

  • — development of phonetic, lexical and grammatical components of language abilities of children after CI;

  • — the development of oral speech as a means of communication.

If, by the end of the seminar, the parents have any questions, they will be able to ask the specialists. In addition, within the framework of the meeting it is planned to hold a master class: "The benefits themselves - with their own hands." And then sum up the contest of children's drawings on the theme "I hear so." Among other things, tea drinking and a game zone for kids will be organized.

To sign up for the meeting and seminar, as well as to ask your questions for discussion, please call: +7 917 504 20 57 (Nadezhda Churakova) or by e-mail: zena21 @ mail .ru

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